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Water Curtain Nozzle

Water Curtain Nozzle distributes water in a flat curtain extending all the way to the ground.
There are two positions A- Pendant Position
Water curtain Nozzle when mounted in pendent position acts as a window spray nozzle to protect walls,
windows and other openings of the building which are affected by fire.

B---Horizontal Position
The nozzles when mounted in horizontal position with flow towards ground a flat water curtain are
produced to segregate the area which is under fire. Water Curtain Nozzles are available in Brass and
Stainless Steel construction with different flow rate.

Water Curtain Nozzle

Technical Specifications:
Maximum Working Pressure +A170:F185sure 12 Bar (175 PSI)
Effective Working Pressure 1,4 - 3.5 Bar (50- 150 PSI
End Contraction ½" BSPT, (½" NPT OPTIONAL)
Included Water Spray Angle For Each K-Factor 140°, 120°,, 110°,, 100°,, 90°,, 80°,, & 65°
Orifice Size And mm (INCH) Metric (Us)  
K-Factor K-Factor ,K23,K30,K37,K45,K53,K72,K98,K120,K140
FINISH Brass finish, chrome plated brass (optional) Strainer Option Available