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ROR Detectors

Rate-of-Rise (ROR) heat detectors operate on a rapid rise in element temperature of 6.7° to 8.3°C (12° to 15°F) increase per minute, irrespective of the starting temperature. This type of heat detector can operate at a lower temperature fire condition than would be possible if the threshold were fixed. It has two heat-sensitive thermocouples or thermistors. One thermocouple monitors heat transferred by convection or radiation while the other responds to ambient temperature. The detector responds when the first sensing element's temperature increases relative to the other.

Rate of rise detectors may not respond to low energy release rates of slowly developing fires. To detect slowly developing fires combination detectors add a fixed temperature element that will ultimately respond when the fixed temperature element reaches the design threshold.


Detectors ( Smoke / Heat / Multi-Criteria / ROR )