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Smoke Detectors

We RAJYOG FIRE SERVICES PVT. LTD supply smoke/ heat detectors which save lives and property. A Smoke Detector is an important device in fire system which detects smoke as an indicator of fire. Generally smoke detectors are housed in a plastic enclosure like a disc. Detector line covers a vast array of needs in commercial or residential applications. We offer conventional and intelligent products for smoke detection, heat detection, fire and carbon monoxide (CO) combination detection, and multi-criteria / multi-sensor detection, as well as bases and accessories. Each spot-type detector is designed for ease-of-use, simple installation, and much-needed project flexibility. We Whether you require CO / smoke detectors or more advanced multi-criteria solutions, our products offer all the best features for fire or security systems.

Detectors ( Smoke / Heat / Multi-Criteria / ROR )