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Sidewall Sprinklers

Sprinkler is a device used to sprinkle water. Sprinklers are highly useful in putting fires in buildings.
We, RAJYOG FIRE SERVICES PVT. LTD supply fire sprinklers with active fire Protection method. It consists of a water supply system which provides sufficient pressure and flow rate.

To water distribution piping system, to which fire sprinklers are connected. Sprinkler uses the glass bulb containing special liquid instead of conventional fuse, ensuring stable operation against varying ambient temperature. It comes in two types:- a. Pendant and b. Upright Verify the hazard classification, temperature rating and pattern of sprinkler heads required for each area within the premises.

Locate sprinklers to provide coverage to conform to the hazard classification of each area.
A per-action sprinkler head device, namely GeminiĀ® (installed by approved installer) (available through
Project Fire Products Ltd), shall be installed in accordance with the project specifications and drawings
for areas where per-action heads are required.
fire sprinkler pendent upright ( UL / UL & FM )

Sprinklers Pendant / Upright ( UL / UL & FM )