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Aluminium Branch Pipe

We , RAJYOG FIRE SERVICES PVT. LTD . Short Branch Pipe with Nozzle is the cost common fire fighting nozzle in use in the country. The nozzle gives a solid jet and different sizes (bore) of nozzles can be fitted to the branch body depending upon operational requirement Brief Description : Short Branch Pipe with Nozzle, as per IS: 903, made of Stainless Steel (SS304), fitted with 6/ 12/ 16/ 20/ 25 mm bore nozzle, for projecting water in form of solid jet. The Branch shall have 63mm Male Instantaneous Inlet, suitable for use with 63 mm size Fire fighting hoses.

Technical Specifications:

Model  Short Branch  Pipe with Nozzle  
Inlet   63mm Instantaneous Male Inlet 
Outlet  6/ 12/ 16/ 20/ 25 mm bore Solid Jet Nozzle     
Material of Construction  Stainless Steel (SS304) 
Reference   IS: 903  
Branch Pipe IS:3444 Grade I
Nozzle   IS:3444 Grade I 
Washer Rubber 
Dimensional check As per IS:903 
Hydrostatic Pressure Test 
21 kgf/cm2 for 2.5 minutes  
Working pressure   Upto 12 Kg/cm2 
Discharge Pattern   Solid Jet Stream (flow will depend on the size of nozzle) 

Nozzle  All parts buffed/polished 
Marking on Nozzle  Year of Mfg./ Size of nozzle/ SL. 

Aluminium Branch Pipe