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Foam Chamber

We, RAJYOG FIRE SERVICES PVT. LTD design FOAM CHAMBER specially to deliver foam directly to the place of fire FOAM CHAMBERS are Foam discharge devices which deliver foam to the surface of flammable. liquid Foam Chamber is used in one of the most common application to protect vertical fixed roof (cone) liquid storage tanks, with or without internal floating roof with the low expansion foam system. Foam Chambers are air aspirating devices used for the protection of fixed roof flammable liquid storage tanks. This method consists of one or more foam chambers installed on the shell of the tank just below the roof joint.

A foam solution pipe extends from the proportioning source outside the dike wall to the foam maker located upstream of the chamber. Foam Chambers are widely used with the line proportioned and bladder tank / balanced pressure pump in low expansion foam system. Upon entering the chamber the foam solution is expanded and then discharged against a deflector mounted inside.

Technical Specifications:

Body: carbon steel / stainless steel
Vapor seal device: calibrated glass (*)
Air suction port check valve: brass
Orifice plate: stainless steel AISI 316
Expansion rate= 1:5 (depending on foam concentrate type)
Finish: coating cycle CSI 1 

• Heavy duty welded construction with choice of Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel material
• Frangible Glass Vapour Seal
• Controlled Air Flow proportional to liquid flow for optimum foam quality and rupture of vapour seal in narrow pressure tolerances for increased reliability
• Field replaceable orifice plate fitted with Foam Chamber

Foam Chamber