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Foam Sprinkler

In FOAM SPRINKLER SYSTEM Foam is used to extinguish fire . In this system water and foam mixture is used which is sprayed by fire sprinkler pump via pipe system. Sprinkler sprays the foam .Foam sprinkler system is best used in power plants and chemical stores.

Foam Sprinkler Heads are available in both aspirating non-aspirating versions. Aspirated sprinkler heads are required for protein and fluoroprotein foams in deluge systems. Non- aspirated heads with AFFF agents are more economical and can be used in either open deluge or closed-head sprinkler systems.

The Foam- water Sprinklers are Used in the deluge foam system to protect the risk where foam is required to be applied from overhead sprinklers and is to be followed with plain water in a standard sprinkler pattern.

• Foam water Sprinklers protect the loading and unloading area in the event of a spill fire with low
expansion foam systems.

Foam Sprinkler

Technical Specifications
Mounting   Pendant
Maximum Working Pressure   12 Bar (175 PSI)
Operating Pressure   2.1 - 4.2 Bar 30- 60 PSI)
End Contraction   ½" BSPT, (½" NPT OPTIONAL)
Included Water Spray Angle For Each K-Factor   140°, 120°,, 110°,, 100°,, 90°,, 80°,, & 65°
Opifice Size And mm (INCh) Metric (Us)    
K-Factor   K42
Finish   Natural