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Foam Solution

About A foam solution is useful in discharge test which is conducted to know that foam proportioning system is performing correctly. Percentage of foam solution is to be determined correctly. It should be neither too low or two high.

Aqueous Film Forming Foam concentrate, produces thin, yet strong film on the surface of hydrocarbon fuels thereby sealing the fuel surface and preventing fuel vapour release. Due to presence of Fluorocarbon surfactant the spreading characteristic of the foam is such that a positive, fast spreading coverage action takes over the fuel surface, resulting fast extinguishment. The synthetic base imparts good shelf life of the concentrate free from settling ingredients and bad odour.

It is available in 3% & 6% concentrate. ALCOHOL TYPE FOAM CONCENTRATE (ATC) AR-AFFF is a foam concentrate containing polysaccharide, which forms a pseudo plastic film on the surface of the polar solvents. AR-AFFF forms a cohesive thin polymeric film at the interface between foam and the water soluble Polar solvents. This thin polysaccharide film protects the foam without destruction of aqueous film by polar solvents. The polymeric film has self-sealing characteristics whereby the film, if disturbed gets regenerated by itself. AR-AFFF forms an aqueous film like AFFF on surface of hydrocarbon solvents. AR-AFFF is also known as ARC (Alcohol Resistant Concentrate), ATC (Alcohol Type Concentrate), AGFFF (Aqueous Gel Film Forming Foam), MPF (Multipurpose Foam) or UF (Universal Foam).

Foam Solution